Join the Party

Three ways to join the party





One of the ways to help is to donate to help the cause. We want to maintain a strong presence in Winnebago County and keep an office open between elections.  While we are all volunteers, we do need money to pay the rent and bills. Please consider a donation to our office as we want to keep this open through until the next election. It costs $40/ day to do this. We use ActBlue which is a secure way to send money. It is quick and easy. Click on the icon to reach the ActBlue web site.


We can use healthy food snacks for our interns, office supplies, copy paper, paper plates, bottled water, and most important volunteers for receptionist.

You can be involved in a number of ways. You can attend our meetings, talking with sane, and with people of similar values and beliefs. You can join the party- it is a LOW $35 membership which helps in a lot of different ways. Your membership entitles you to access to both your State (Democratic Party of WI) and local (Winnebago County Democratic Party). Come to our events and show support. During election time help at the office with phones, and greetings. Write letters of support for candidates. Knock on doors, and make phone calls. It is all up to you if you want to see your ideas moved forward, or will they be certainly ignored by the other side.